Mercedes Is Driving Dangerously, Chasing Customers

Brazen.” “Provocative.” “Exuberant.” What automotive brand comes to mind when you hear those words? BMW? Audi? Maybe even Porsche?

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The Question of 'Market Focused' and 'Strategic Extension into Adjacencies'

by: Idris Mootee

In a recent journal article “How to create market-focused product winners” by Roger More (a marketing prof at the Richard Ivey School of Business), he talked about why companies fail due to lack of market-focus. Prof More has a unique and entertaining style of delivering which is hard to find, he has been teaching marketing for decades at Ivey. Him and I often have very opposite views on many aspects of marketing. I did enjoy his classes.

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Brands on Tombstones

by: Ilya Vedrashko

English Russia has a collection of Ukrainian mobsters' tombstones. Note how many of them have a depiction of a Mercedes -- a symbol of a certain social status in the 90s. Do these tombstones reinforce a brand impression on a casual cemetery visitor? Do the impressions change after 5, 10 years?

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