41 Commercials in One Music Video

by: Ilya Vedrashko

How many of the 41 commercials mashed up into one music video can you recognize? How many brands can you name?
-- thanks, Roni

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Football Superstars, iPhone Ocarina, NBC WebTV and Lost in SL

by: Gary Hayes

Another selection of my items cross-posted from another of my original blogs, lamp watercooler.

The Ulitmate Mashup Launches - Sport, MMOG & Social Virtual World - 16 Oct 08

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Politics 2.0?

By: Stefan Kolle

A (potentially) excellent example of bringing politics closer to the citizen is the new site by the dutch Foreign Secretary, Maxime Verhagen,

A combination of Google maps mashup and twittering, he continuously shows where he is and what he's doing, with added links for background information.

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Creative Commons Case Study Database

by: Karl Long

I think many of us intuitively know how important Creative Commons is in supporting the co-creativity, like mashups and many kinds of consumer generated content. Now we don't have to rely on our intuition and Creative Commons have created a database of case studies of it's use around the world.

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Managing and Mocking Identities

by: Nancy Baym

The worlds of politics and fandom have been merging for some time, and it’s never been clearer than in this US election cycle where “user-generated content” from YouTube debate questions to Obama girl videos to Facebook groups to political blogs have been so important and inescapable.

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Endless Innovation Business Trends: June 2008

by: Dominic Basulto

Largely as an outgrowth of client work over the past quarter, I've put together a brief overview of four business trends that are worth keeping an eye on over the remainder of 2008:

(1) Social Data
(2) Micro-Payments for Online Social Experiences
(3) Content Mashups
(4) "Live" experiences (that really aren't "live")

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OPC (Other People's Cameras)

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remix culture and fair use: a new study

by: danah boyd

Folks over at the Center for Social Media have just released a new study on copyright and creativity. They identify nine common types of re-appropriation practices that use copyrighted material:

  • Parody and satire: Copyrighted material used in spoofing of popular mass media, celebrities or politicians (Baby Got Book)

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