The Access Economy

When Henry Ford started his company in 1903, he did more than just create a car or an assembly line (neither of which he actually invented). What he did was establish an entirely new form of organization, culminating in the vertically integrated River Rouge complex that was completed in 1928.

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A Better Way to Innovate: Ditch the Focus Groups and Go Beta

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Importing and Exporting Ideas from Different Marketplaces

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Save the Buyosphere! - Consumer Behavior, By the Book

by: Joel Makower

The following is a review I wrote of three books for The Journal of Industrial Ecology, reprinted here with permission.

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What Would Disney Do?

by: John Sviokla

I often wonder what Walt Disney would be doing if he were alive today (e.g. WWDD). My guess is that he would be pioneering internet content, for more than any person in the history of entertainment, with the possible exception of a few Roman Emperors, he was willing to push the boundaries of new technology to create entirely new experiences.

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