Tailored for Mobile

With dismay I observe Ian Carrington, Googles mobile director, exclaim that if a company's website is not tailored for mobile handsets, they are literally begging to loose marketing share. (via and Dagens Næringsliv).

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Game-Based Marketing: Book Review

Contrary to what the authors suggest, your marketing program is not going to be automatically fun if you simply slap points and a leaderboard on it.


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Bright Lights Project: Levi's

If you're like me, you shoot the breeze with marketer friends (as well as friend friends and family) about brands, especially those that run ads that either float to the sky like poetry or crash like a gulp of overcooked pasta. I've decided to try to make these ideas available to those brands...sort of an open source medic service, teeing-up ideas from the crowd that are unqualified, probably impossible to do, and otherwise make perfect sense.

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History of Marketing, Part Two

Last week I started a recap of the History of Marketing, which was actually inspired by the future – that is, the comments I got about my write-up on the Future of Marketing micro-conference in which marketing experts like Guy Kawasaki, Scott Monty, and Frank Gruber shared what they expect the future of marketing will bring.

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History of Marketing, Part One

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post, Future of Marketing, which recapped the themes, tools, and tactics that 60 marketing experts expect will shape the future. Given the interest the piece raised, I thought it might be equally interesting to review the history of marketing.

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Cultural Movement Success

Movement marketing has proved it isn’t just a passing fad. It’s become a necessity. Shouting at customers, through traditional advertising and marketing routes such as TV, radio and magazines, just doesn’t work.

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The Last Blog Post- What Marketers Can Learn from The Last Lecture

Guest Post by: Maria Pergolino

Just under one month ago Daniel Burstein, esteemed marketer and Director of Editorial Content for MECLABS, emailed me and a group of other marketing bloggers asking, “if you had one last blog post to write, what would it say?” His question was based on “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch.

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Future of Marketing

Late last year, 60 marketing experts shared their visions of the future of marketing through a “micro-conference” run by Sam Rosen of thoughtlead. I found it fascinating on several levels.

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The Night after Christmas

Well, another year has all but come and gone and, sadly, so have many dreams of selling stuff at full price. So it's a good time to reprise a holiday favorite here at The Bulb, with apologies to the anonymous authors who penned it in the mid-19th century (and invented the modern idea of Santa Claus in doing so).

Also, you can listen to this post as a podcast:

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Can Marketing Save the World?

Last weekend I had an interesting experience.  On Friday and in part Saturday I participated in the International Marketing Congress in Ghent.  On Monday, I was at TEDxBrussels, which by now has become the biggest TEDx in the world.  The two events couldn’t have been more different.

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