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SuperData Research Releases Global Games Market 2015 Report

According to SuperData Research, Inc. latest report released May 20, the Global Games Market is estimated to bring in $74.2 billion this year.

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Is Jelly a New Market Research Tool for Brands?

At the beginning of the month we saw the launch of Jelly – a new service from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The app is simple – you use images and text to ask questions. By connecting to one or both of your Twitter and Facebook accounts, this question is then sent to people you are already connected with on these platforms. Simple – and a great way of getting answer to questions from known audiences.

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You Need to Read the Small Print before Believing Market Research

The Harris Poll of about 3000 Americans generated a news release with the tag line that: “People over 65 less likely than younger generations to be taking some steps to economize.”

That conclusion chimes with my own gut feeling but I thought it worth looking to see what evidence Harris produces to justify the conclusion.

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If Your Agency Kicks Ass without Market Research, It's Not Wrong

German Dziebel, a planner with a PhD in anthropology with whom I share a department and an office at Hill (as well as an occasional cracker) and who in the past worked at Arnold and Crispin, has joined the current round of debate about market research with a comment so interesting that I asked him to guest-blog it here. He came back with the thoughts that follow.

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If Your Market Research Works, It's Not Wrong

Faris detonated a bomb the other day with his "All Market Research Is Wrong" manifesto. My first thought was "Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules." I understand the choice of the provocative headline and its role in attracting readers and encouraging debate but it did feel a bit like a case of yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater. The "All Market Research is Wrong" line was copiously retweeted at least partly to (and, I suspect, by) people who wouldn't bother reading past the fourth sentence with the "epistemologically specious" bit in it.

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Your Brain on Soup

Soup is a product you probably don’t lust for. Sure, a hot bowl of soup is nice after a chilly job of shoveling snow out of the driveway, but rarely is it more than an afterthought, or a quick prelude to a more interesting main course. If you are Campbell Soup Co., though, you DO spend a lot of time thinking about soup. And, as detailed by the Wall Street Journal, they want to understand YOUR hidden feelings about soup to improve their packaging:

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Transformation Interrupted

According to market research firm Hartman Group, consumer loyalty is shifting -- from products and brands, to the experiences offered by retailers -- in a radical transformation that started before the recession.

I think the change is much bigger than that.

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Virtual Market Research

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The Best Market Researchers to Follow on Twitter

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Researching the Older Market

by: Dick Stroud

I recently had a most enjoyable lunch with Robert Berry Manor Marketing. Rob was the marketing controller with Bacardi Martini so he knows a lot about a subject most dear to my heart!

The reason we met was that Rob is doing a lot of work in researching the older market. I asked him what were his top five things about conducting a research programme with this age group. This is what he said.......

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