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Long Tail and Long Snout Strategies

by: Sigurd Rinde

The Long Tail is a great image for a strategy to get the most out of large and mature markets like music and books.

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Long Tail Business Models

by: Alexander Osterwalder

In today's blogpost I'm sharing a couple of reflections on long tail business models. It is be part of the upcoming book in a section that illustrates some popular management theories & concepts through the business model canvas.

Enjoy the slides:

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The Long Tail and the Big Idea

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Is 'The Long Tail' a Misnomer?

by: Iqbal Mohammed

[An excerpt from my recent paper entitled 'The Elongating Tail of Brand Communication: An approach to brand building incorporating Long Tail economics.']

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How 'Long' is the Long Tail?

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Why More Is Less - The Paradox of Choice

by: Gary Hayes

The LA Times just found me - interesting after only a few days of using Google’s customized front end I am starting to get really useful things thrust my way - useful this ’semi-personalization’ thing - it watches what I search and starts to suggest things I ‘may’ like.

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Must We Give away Digital Creative Works?

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The Communist Manifesto of Chris Anderson

by: Ilya Vedrashko

under the layers of acquired historical meanings lies an often

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Forget the A-List After All

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Bug Labs and The Long Tail of Gadgets

by: Dominic Basulto

Earlier in the week, I had the unique opportunity to hear Peter Semmelhack, CEO of New York-based Bug Labs, describe how his start-up company was radically disrupting the traditional consumer electronics industry. Using a modular, open source approach, Bug Labs is focused on bringing the Long Tail of Gadgets to everyday consumers.

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