Re-Read the Liveblog

The Liveblog has finished - and a great experience it was. Thanks to our contributors and many others who joined in the discussions.

The Liveblog will stay in it's location for a few months - to be precise until we run the next one. Go have a read - some great content!

Over the next weeks you will also see summaries and transscripts posted here on the blog.

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Join the Futurelab LiveBlog on Tuesday December 9th

This week we are celebrating the 1000 days of this blog’s existence. To mark the occasion we’ll be organizing a number of digital festivities which will include the launch of a new blog, a Romanian adventure, an update of the Futurelab 100, a report on the future of advertising agencies and … last but not least … a Liveblog in which our contributors give their views on the realities of marketing, strategy, innovation and design.

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