Social Personalization and the Doppelganger Effect

Are you overlooking a way to personalize your ads that goes far beyond the usual “Dear Roger” salutation? In my recent article, Put Your Customer in the Ad, I mentioned that LinkedIn was using profile pictures for targeted ads. Since then, I’ve been able to capture a couple of examples. The first one surprised me when it appeared, and to generate a second one I had to surf a variety of profiles. Here’s what I like about these ad:

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@lbret: “LinkedIn Is Adding 2 New Users Every Second”

[this post was originally written for the blog]

LinkedIn is aiming at keeping its users happy

In terms of Social Media, Facebook springs to mind with its 850 million users and growing every day. Yet, there is another social media behemoth which launched in 2003 and has only – even though only in this case is very relative – 136 million users worldwide and it’s LinkedIn.

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Report Download – The Growth, Current Use and Future Direction of LinkedIn

Guest Post by: John Fell

Today sees an end to our focus on LinkedIn and the launch of our new report about the growth, current use and future direction of LinkedIn.

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Social Media Is F**king Addictive

If you haven't seen it already, the third installment of the infamous slideshow, "What The F**ck Is Social Media?" has been published over at Slideshare by Marta Kagan. Since I'm a sucker for good visual communication or any good communication for that matter, I highly recommend flipping through it as it's both informative and entertaining. And it contains a few updated stats:

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Segmenting Social Networks for Business

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valuing inefficiencies and unreliability

by: danah boyd

Two deeply embedded values in the world of technology development are
efficiency and reliability. Companies pride themselves in maximizing
efficiency and reliability and, for the most part, consumers agree. We
like when our search engines produce results quickly and reliably. Yet,
when it comes to social technologies, I suspect that efficiency and
reliability are not the ideal metrics.

Let's start with reliability. In some senses, we want our social

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a globalised economy, but socially diverse behavioural patterns

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Measuring the ROI of Social Networking for Business

by: Joseph Mann

Social networking sites like Friendster and Yahoo 360 are all the rage, but is there a business application lurking in there?

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