Youth and Those Crazy Hormones

by: danah boyd

When discussing the plight of teenagers with adults, i'm often chastised for viewing teens as mature humans capable of making reasonable decisions. All too often, people point to all that psychological research that indicates that teens are experiencing extensive hormonal rushes that impair their judgment.

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Green Brand Learnings

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Learning Light web site launches, research published

by: David Jennings

Learning Light is a not-for-profit organisation set up in Sheffield to "overcome the everyday obstacles our members face within the field of e-learning". It is supported from Yorkshire's regional funds but is open to more or less anyone.

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Back to School at Wal-Mart

by: David Wigder

Wal-Mart is sending its employees back to school – all 1.3MM of them – to teach them “how to better take care of themselves and the environment”.

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Make Some Mistakes--and Profit From It

by: John Caddell

In this month's Harvard Business Review, Paul Schoemaker and Robert Gunther write about ways companies get bound up in their own assumptions, and thereby miss important opportunities for growth or improvement.

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Experience Hierarchy and Non-Market Co-Creation

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