Kraft & Kellogg’s Are Clueless

Kraft has rebranded its salad dressing as “anything dressing.” Kellogg’s “Project Signature” is intended to change the way consumers experience breakfast. Both companies are enamored with the ideas, emotions, associations and appearance of their branding.

And both companies are clueless.

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Too Krafty for Their Own Good

Kraft Foods is going to split into two publicly traded companies, according to an announcement it made last week. This is what big companies do when businesses are under pressure to do something and all the traditional salves -- even the "new" ones that the Conventional Wisdom recommends -- aren't doing much good. Top leadership has few other tools at their disposal, so they wrangle a complex financial arrangement and wrap it in glowing language about strategy, focus, and priorities.

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Gary Hirshberg: Changing the Culture and 'Stirring It Up'

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Kraft seeks Ultimate boost | Chicago Tribune

by: David Polinchock

The Chicago Tribune has a good article about the new Kraft pizzeria opening later this month in Chicago for DiGiorno Ultimate. In discussing the new product line, here's what Kraft had to say:

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Kraft tightens filter on customer innovation ... and misses opportunity

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