Instagram Beats Twitter in Daily Mobile Users. Engagement Significantly Higher

Showcasing the growth of the so-called visual web, Comscore (vla All Things D) today came out with figures to show that, in the US at least, Instagram had 7.3 million daily active users (DAUs) beating Twitter’s 6.9 million.

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Beyond Pinterest and Instagram – Ten Visual Social Networks That Should Be On Your Radar

I’ve written a lot recently about the growth of the visual web – how the big social media success stories of 2011/2012 were visual, and how imagery is becoming more important online.

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Instagram and the Growing Power of Photography in Social Media

The Crimean War of the 1850s was a revolution in communication. For the first time reports from the battlefield were returned in what felt like near-real-time thanks to the electric telegraph transmitting messages in just hours rather than them having to be sent by horse across Europe. Many people complained about the impact of this real-time news, and the harm that it did reporting on the events tragedies of the war as they happened.

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