Innovation Is the Only True Way To Create Value

In The Outsiders, William Thorndike argues that the most essential skill for a manager is capital allocation. To prove his point, he profiles CEOs such as Henry Singleton of Teledyne and John Malone of TCI who, while not household names, achieved outsized returns by wisely deploying their firm’s resources.

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Five Attributes of Paradigm Breaking Innovations

Recently, a team consisting of MIT students, along with Pratt & Whitney and Aurora Flight Science Corporation announced a radical new design for a jetliner which would take about 1/4 the amount of fuel consumed by today’s planes.


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When Innovators Are Exiles on Main Street

Of late, I've been fascinated by the "back story" behind the creative process, especially with the factors that drive innovators to succeed with any creative project. With the re-release of the Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street album today and the upcoming release of the Stones in Exile documentary film (now screening at Cannes), new facts and details are coming to light about that magical one month back in 1972 in the south of France, when the Rolling Stones famously recorded their legendary album at Keith Richards' French villa.

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Innovators Are the New Untouchables

In an op-ed piece for the New York Times, Thomas Friedman riffs on American economic competitiveness and the state of our nation's educational system. Friedman suggests that companies are once again placing a premium on innovators and out-of-the-box thinkers:

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Have the Penguins Got It Right?

by: Alain Thys 

Do you know the penguin dilemma? Hundreds of penguins standing on the edge of a cliff looking at the water full of fish. So why don’t they jump in?

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Obama's Lessons for Innovators

by: John Winsor

Umair Haque at the Havas Media Lab penned a great article at HBR entitled "Obama's Seven Lessons for Radical Innovators."

Here are the seven:

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In an Economic Downturn like This, Smart Companies Will Do Different Things and Do Things Differently. It's Called 'Innovation'.

by: Idris Mootee

In today’s chaotic world of business (that's a true and accurate description), traditional management consultants have little to offer beyond cost cutting and consolidation, the adv agencies are keen to remind you to keep your media spend and the technology consultants continue to lure you to outsource your whole company to a low cost country, you are almost guaranteed to fail if you do all of these.


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Bye Gary, Thanks for the Memories and My Ability to Design

by: Design Translator

I wanted to write this much sooner but it kinda got lost in the back burner. Sadly, half of the population, depending on your age, may or may not know of this piece of news.

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Testing Green Promotional Benefits to Drive Acquisition

by: David Wigder

Promotional benefits are a popular marketing tactic used across almost every industry to acquire new customers. Marketers like offering such benefits as they can greatly increase acquisition rates or drive repeat purchases over time.

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Ten Questions with Scott Berkun, Author of 'The Myths of Innovation'

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