How would Steve Jobs do training and education

The October issue of Inside Learning Technologies & Skills contains a must-read article by Clark Aldrich: How Would Steve Jobs Do Training and Education (please find also my prior posts Aldrich´s Mechanism For Hooking Up Serious Games Buyers and Sellers and Unschooling Rules – Serious Games As Microcosms For Learning).

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Things that happen when you start acting rational

Written by: Laszlo Kovari

Yes, yes: we are irrational: we know this, but hey: this is life.

There is ALWAYS A VERY GOOD REASON behind 200 pairs of shoes in the wardrobe, behind hiring 53 highly compliant kids from Deloitte without life or any other experience but PP skills to “transform” our nation wide retail banking operation,

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Sometimes It's Good to Be Third

When I first started working in digital back in the time of the dot-com bubble, many people obsessed about so-called 'first mover advantage'. Within the context provided by the digital goldrush of the time, the thinking went that if you arrived first with your innovation, you could plant your flag and rapidly attain a lead over competitors that was unassailable.

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Are We Living in a Low Innovation Age?

I gave a keynote last week at the rather wonderful Google Squared programme on the subject of technological disruption and chose to dedicate my latest column in New Media Age to the subject:

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Good Enough + Simplicity = Killer Strategy. What Is Considered Good Enough?

Many products out there are good and probably good enough. But strategists would say that companies need more great products with good designs to succeed as there are too many me-too products out there. It is half the truth. There are many kinds of good-enoughs and you need to put it in a big strategy context. Read on and I will explain why.

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Innovate - Don't Imitate

Does "chasing the competition" describe your approach to product, services, or customer experience design? Are you more focused on what your competitors are doing than on your own business and your own customer experience strategy?

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Can Companies Grow, and Profit, With No Impact?

One of the Big 4 accounting firms has been noodling the idea that we can create an economic model "that allows 9-10 billion people to live in harmony with nature and in well-being." One might reasonably conclude that they've been sniffing a little too much red ink.

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What’s Your View on Customers’ Value to Innovation?

More and more, customer-centricity is becoming a thing. As in, an increasingly important philosophy to companies in managing day-to-day and even longer term planning. In comes in different forms: design thinking, social CRM, service-dominant logic, value co-creation.

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What Makes a Product Innovative?

brand as business bit:  Nielsen recently released its “2012 Breakthrough Innovation Awards” in which it recognized new CPG product introductions that met its criteria for innovative-ness. The winners are an interesting mix (Glaceau vitaminwater zero, Chobani, and Zyrtec top the list) and the report is an informative read about the CPG industry and instructive about innovation in general, so I suggest you take a look.

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There was something of a kerfuffle recently when it became public knowledge that travel website Orbitz were recommending different price ranges of hotels based on the user's operating system. Data mining had told them that Mac users typically pay a premium of upto 30% on a night's stay so they were using data to improve content recommendation, and in the process their chances of selling products at premium prices.

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