Diversity Is the Short Cut to Building an Innovative Culture. It Is Pretty Simple.

Sometimes I wonder how much progress we’ve actually made over the last 50 years. In Saudi Arabia, women are still not allowed to drive, along with many other things. Today, a group of Saudi women have taken to the streets in their cars on a day of collective protest against the ban on female drivers. I am sure they will be getting threats of all kinds and if we’re talking about human rights let's start with this. There were about 17,000 people who signed a petition calling for women to be allowed to drive.

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What Is the Access to Customer-Centricity and Innovation?

I have been reflecting over 20+ years of experience centered on enabling, effecting, facilitating business change and improving business performance. During this time I have been involved with a whole range of management panaceas:


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How Disruption Happens

Hundreds of consumers standing in line at your local Apple store. Thousands of protesters rushing to flood the streets of Cairo, Istanbul—or Manhattan. Millions of people choosing to watch a hit TV show streamed on Netflix.

Everywhere we turn our world is being disrupted. From the mightiest dictators to the biggest companies, no one is safe anymore. While revolutionary ideas and movements are nothing new, they have become more frequent, intense and far reaching.

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Disruption Delusions

If I had a nickel for every time the word “disruption” was mentioned in a blog post, article, or conference in the past 12 months, I’d be richer than Warren Buffett.

If I had a nickel for every time the word “disruption” was appropriately used, I wouldn’t even be able to afford the ukulele that Buffett’s playing.

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You Don’t Need to Beat Your Competitors, You Need Innovation.

I was both surprised and curious to find out that legendary business guru Michael Porter’s multi-million dollar Monitor Group had filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2012.
It was an interesting read for me as it highlights some of the problems of the business of consulting. This segment of the article stood out for me.

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Many Made the Mistake of Taking the Brand out of the Innovation Equation on the Fuzzy Front-End. Are You One of Them?

Companies make many mistakes in their innovation journeys and often they go down the same path again and again and wonder why that is the case. The four main reasons among many are:

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CNN Thinks LOL Cats Are the Future of News

Now that CNN and BuzzFeed have joined forces to create a new online video destination, the meme-ification of the news is almost complete. The viral celebrities, the LOL cats, and the Listicles have won. The one company at the nexus of the meme aggregation movement - BuzzFeed - and the one media company that practically invented the 24-hour news cycle - CNN - have partnered to give you the 24-Hour Buzz Cycle. All buzz, all the time.

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what went wrong with tata motors nano

“An amazing ‘invention’ that didn’t turn out to be an innovation” – that’s how one expert described Tata Motors’s Nano.  Indeed, the current predicament of the $2,000 compact car that was introduced in India with great fanfare in 2008 holds some valuable takeaways for aspiring disrupters.

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The Shakespeare of the Future Will Be a Bot

This is becoming the central paradox of the Information Age: the easier it is for humans to create content and information on their digital devices, the more likely it is that robots and online bots will eventually take over the job of creating content and information for those digital devices. In other words, the more we democratize the process of creating content, the more we are planting the seeds for our own future literary demise.

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2 Approaches to Design and 4 Rules of Understanding Humans

I get this all the time.  Whenever we talk about Design Thinking’s user-centered approach to finding opportunities and understanding your customer better, someone always reminds me that one of the worlds most successful company (in my humble opinion), Apple, does not do market or user research.

Similarly, Scott Anthony writes:

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