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I Want My Cyborg Life

For the last few years, I've been spoiled. I've been surrounded by people who, when asked a question, immediately bring out a digital device and look it up. The conferences that I've attended have backchannels as a given. Tweeting, blogging, Wikipedia-ing... these are all just what we do. It's not all there - it's still broken. My cohort is still always in search of a power plug and there's a lag between the time a question is asked and the point at which the iPhone's slow browser is loaded, the query is entered, and the answer is given. Still, we're getting there. Or so I thought.

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Blog Production/Consumption Musings

by: danah boyd

I'm not very good at reading blogs. Let me clarify... i'm not particularly good at reading blogs that are good for me.

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Study: Interactive Marketers Reluctant to Use New Media

by: Ilya Vedrashko

"Forrester Research, in a survey of 253 interactive marketers, found a reluctance to shift away from more tried-and-true online channels like search and e-mail marketing.

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Marketing Remix (with Antony Paoni)

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