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How Do You Create Industry Breakpoints And How To Benefit from Them?

I've just delivered an opening keynote in Mexico City for AMAP. The topic was STRATEGY IN THE AGE OF INNOVATION: How do we anticipate and leverage industry breakpoints? A very engaging audience and the weather was great.

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The Digital Photography Industry Is Now at Its Industry Breakpoint, It Is Ready for Disruption. Not All Will Survive.

The digital camera market has enjoyed some growth the last few years but I think it is reaching a point where sales will be flat or in a slow decline with the exception of DSLR. Digital camera has almost completely replaced earlier film models, and already camera makers have begun emphasizing DSLR or special features for customers to upgrade to.

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Industry Breakpoints Are Where Innovation Is Most Likely to Happen

by: Idris Mootee

You probably hear about S-curves or industry discontinuous all the time and wonder if these are just academic theories or real. If they are real, how can one create an industry breakpoint and are there any pre-conditions? To make that happen, companies must be able 1/ to learn about the breakpoint potential in the industry and have a sense about when it will happen and 2/ commit to making a quantum organizational change and 3/ have an economic engine (cash flow) to sustain the transformation.

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