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If Your Agency Kicks Ass without Market Research, It's Not Wrong

German Dziebel, a planner with a PhD in anthropology with whom I share a department and an office at Hill (as well as an occasional cracker) and who in the past worked at Arnold and Crispin, has joined the current round of debate about market research with a comment so interesting that I asked him to guest-blog it here. He came back with the thoughts that follow.

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If Your Market Research Works, It's Not Wrong

Faris detonated a bomb the other day with his "All Market Research Is Wrong" manifesto. My first thought was "Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules." I understand the choice of the provocative headline and its role in attracting readers and encouraging debate but it did feel a bit like a case of yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater. The "All Market Research is Wrong" line was copiously retweeted at least partly to (and, I suspect, by) people who wouldn't bother reading past the fourth sentence with the "epistemologically specious" bit in it.

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Study: Some People Watch Less TV

Say Media (formely VideoEgg and Six Apart) is releasing today a potentially interesting "Off The Grid" study (see it in my Google Docs) about people who are consuming less live and more streaming and on-demand TV. The study breaks these people down into two groups:


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Art Project Removes Logos from Videos, Photos

"Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos." An art project by Jeff Crouse, it is, technically speaking, "an FFMPEG AVFilter that attempts to block out corporate logos using OpenCV 2.1 and an awesome 'plugin' framework for FFMPEG." Unlogo is open sourced; its code-in-progress is available here.

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One More Thing to Worry About: Foursquare Tips

A guy interviews with a company. The guy doesn't get the job.

Three years later, the guy sits down in a coffee shop. He pulls out his phone, opens the Foursquare app. Scans for nearby businesses. Sees that the company is right nearby. The guy leaves a tip on Foursquare about how much the company sucks anyway.

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...and Statistics

If you haven't been following, Bob "The Ad Contrarian" Hoffman posted Top 10 Double-Secret Unknown Facts About Advertising, a digital strategist shot back with his own interpretation of the "secret facts", to which Hoffman replied, "Normally, I don't bother answering annoying gnats, but this guy accused me of cheating. I spent a lot of time on this and was painstaking in getting my sources."

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There's More to Games than High Scores

As you are reading through Adweek's special issue on gaming and advertising, I thought I'd point towards an April post by Russell Davies who wrote that there's more to gaming than badges and leaderboards.

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How Spreadable Is Your Viral?

There's a growing movement among people who think about and deal with pass-along content to abandon the term "viral" and start calling things "spreadable" instead. The argument in favor of the latter was first articulated by Henry Jenkins in his eight-part blog post a year ago and has since evolved through conference chats and discussions on blogs by Mike Arauz, Sam Ford, Faris Yakob and many others.

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How Men and Women Shop

I first saw this drawing, forwarded by a friend, years ago and keep coming back to it every time I read something about shopping behavior (this time it's Inside The Mind of The Shopper). Never knew who the author was, until today.


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Study: People Share Room with TV Ads

They make it sound like it's a good news.

Center for Research Excellence released new findings from their massive and very expensive ($3.5M) ethnographic study of media consumption behavior. The researchers observed and recorded behaviors of 376 adults in four markets for the average period of 33 hours each or roughly two full waking days (or "three-quarters of a million minutes" altogether, as they prefer to put it.) 

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