How IBM Learned To Love Open Technology

When Lou Gerstner first arrived at IBM as CEO in 1993, he brought a gripe with him from his time running American Express, one of Big Blue’s largest customers. As he wrote in his memoir, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?, it became central to his transformation of the company.

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How IBM Plans To Help Reinvent the Modern Corporation

It’s no secret that big corporations aren’t what they used to be. In recent years, we’ve seen paragons such as General Motors, Kodak and Blockbuster have go bankrupt even as upstarts like Tesla, Instagram and Netflix rocket forward. The average lifespan of a company on the S&P 500 has fallen from more than 60 years to less than 20.

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Manifestos > Mission Statements in a Connected Age – 5 Reasons Why, 10 Faves and 12 Tips to Write Them Well

Now I’m going to count to 5, could you please tell me what the guiding vision/direction of your company is …right…NOW…5,4,3,2,1…. Awwww, too bad, I was so hoping you could play it back to me.

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IBM’s CEO 2012 Study: Is Technology Really The Number One Priority of CEOs?

In the second half of 2012, IBM issued its fifth biennial Global CEO Study titled Leading Through Connection.  IBM says this study is based on face-to-face conversations with more than 1,700 CEOs in 64 countries.  I have been reading it and want to share with you what I make of it.

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IBM Survey: 68% of Global CMOs ‘Underprepared’ To Manage Social Media

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

According to IBM‘s new, inaugural Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Study, 68% of CMOs are underprepared to manage the impact of key changes in the marketing arena that relate to social media.

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Behind IBM's Quest for a 'Smarter Planet'

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Arrive Without Traveling

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

In the sci-fi novel Halting State, users visit multiple MMORPGs and corporate web sites "in character" -- their cartoon avatar representations of self -- while preserving also their magic swords and collected booty between virtual destinations.

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Serious Games Challenging Teenagers To Save The Planet

by: Eliane Alhadeff

IBM is launching a free multiplayer online game, PowerUp, challenging teenagers to help save the planet "Helios" from ecological disaster.

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What Are You Doing? We're Idea-ting

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A Virtual World-Based PLM for the Fashion Industry (Updated}

by: C. Sven Johnson

Now this is interesting. From the SLNN site (Link):

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