Is Harley-Davidson Riding into the Sunset of Ageing Boomers or the New Horizon of Young Bikers?

At the Masters of Marketing Conference (it could only be in the US to have such a title) a senior marketer at Harley Davidson was talking about brands must not neglect the "growth market" of older consumers to focus solely on youthful audiences.

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So Maybe Hogs Can't Fly?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Harley-Davidson's stock price is little more than a third of what it was a year ago, representing a steep decline in the intangible value of its brand.

With motorcycle demand down 30% in the U.S., and a near-total evaporation of the hog-makers ability to write loans for would-be buyers, is the company just another victim of tough times...or is there something flawed in the way the experts routinely celebrated the relevance and utility of its brand?

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The Harley Creed

by: David Armano

...And folks wonder why Harley-Davidson is arguably one of the most successful brands ever.

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Initials, Brand Names, and Stock Prices

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Two articles in one week on the same interesting subject: the influence of brand initials on brand image.

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Will A Three Wheeled Harley Be Enough?

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Market and Non-Market Co-Creation: HOG Events

by: Chris Lawer

When I think of market and non-market co-creation, I think of Harley Davidson HOG events. Putting it simply, if you think about it there are three kinds of co-creative interaction going on here:

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