Logo You Don't

Gap announced a new logo on October 4, and a week later retracted it with a promise to keep the old one. The chorus of vociferous customer disdain for the new design was topped only by the branding experts who vilified it. So the market spoke, aided in large part by social media, and Gap responded. And that's that.

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Haunted by Dancing Khakis

Gap Inc. is searching for "a creative partner for our holiday 2010 campaign," according to Advertising Age. In the spirit of helping the brand’s managers with their decision, I hereby offer up some straight and very dim suggestions: 

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This Brand Needs Rehab

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

The Gap has proven again, as if we needed another reminder, that it's addicted to an old, ruined, costly, and self-destructive idea of what constitutes a brand.

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Here's Where Social Media Really Hurts!

by: David Polinchock

So Lane Hartwell just posted this on Twitter (sorry if it offends anyone!) @ gap in SF. Just found a dried, bloody tampon in the pocket of some pants i was trying. Barf.

And that lead Sarah Lacy to reply:

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