NPD Report 63% of Americans Playing Video Games

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What's The Emerging Global Soul Anyway?

by: Scott Goodson

Just back to New York from a recent trip to our Amsterdam agency, via a stop over for din din with a female friend in Berlin. Not that this is anything odd. Except for the fact my friend in Berlin is part Brazilian, part German, part Swedish and a tad Dutch.

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Second Slice: Serious Games Embed Ambitious Marketing

by: Eliane Alhadeff (via Business & Games)

A new Canadian online digital magazine, Second Slice, focuses on issues of marketing in virtual worlds (click here to download)

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Serious Games Pioneering How We Will Learn & Work In The Future

by: Eliane Alhadeff  (via Business & Games)

For most people, video games mean entertainment, like TV or the movies. But their true meaning may be much bigger, impacting every aspect of our world, from education to business, society and culture.

IBM explores how video games may impact every aspect of our world, from education to business, society and culture.

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Serious Games Bring the Mall to Web Browsers

by: Eliane Alhadeff

A web based virtual shopping mall launched in New Zealand, allows users to navigate a three dimensional space to browse and buy products, bringing what the company says is the same shopping experience as in the real world. is not a portal that redirects consumers to third party websites, instead creating an online virtual shopping mall.

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Gaming vacations?

By: Stefan Kolle
A great article over on Travelhacker about gaming vacations. I've taken the liberty to repost it below. Now, think about it, with travelagencies being the main victim of the consumers freedom to create his own travelplans on the Internet, the only way for them to survive is to specialise. At the same time, gaming and gamers are moving from sub-culture to mainstream.
When will we see the first GamerTravel Inc agencies?

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IAB Defines Types of Game Advertising

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Guinness Has Hidden an Ad Online

by: Karl Long

Guinness has added a little twist to its latest advertising campaign and have hidden it online somewhere for someone to find. In good old ARG (alternate reality game) tradition they have started this game off with a couple of clues, in this case a fictional Mayor called Juan Ramon has put a video on youtube and created a pdf letter to share.


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Sony's Virtual World Brand-Friendly

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Call for Interest: It's Time European Brands Got Serious about Virtual Worlds

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