Will Wright Keynote at GameTech 2010 Video

Via: Armed With Science - SimCity Designer Presents GameTech 2010 Keynote [VIDEO]
This year’s Defense GameTech Conference featured a keynote by Mr. Will Wright, designer of popular games like SimCity, SimEarth, and The Sims (find also my prior post GameTech Proceedings: Serious Games From Why To How).
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Advertising in Violent Game Scenes

Having blasted my way through Carmageddon all the way to the streets of San Andreas and Pripyat,  I'm no stranger to cartoony violence, but somehow slaughtering helpless civilian crowds wholesale just feels off. This leaked video is from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 shooter that hits the stores on November 10th and has already broken Gamestop's pre-order records.

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Video Games Need Their Oscars

Some of the biggest, well-know brands in the video game world announced new titles at last week's E3 trade show in Los Angeles. Maybe you've heard of Halo, Mario Bros., or BioShock but, unless you're a gamer, you probably know little else about them. Countless hours are spend enraptured by this varied, multi-billion-dollar industry, yet it still operates like a niche community. An acquired taste.

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Games & Virtual Worlds Are Dying? So What's the ROI?

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Video: David Edery on In-Game Ads

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Serious Games: Branding Instead Of Playing

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: Muskedunder Interactive - Prolonging The Time A Consumer Is Willing To Spend With A Brand

Muskedunder Interactive is a Swedish Flash game studio. Their development is focused on browser games with no need for download or installation.

Games becoming stable platforms for marketers

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2008 Prediction #3: Play More Games

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

In 2008, we're all going to move closer to becoming gamers.

I'm not talking just players of actual games, per se, although those segments of consumers are growing exponentially:

game - SB.jpg


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The Dawn of Mixed Reality and Its Participatory Audience

by: Gary Hayes

What is Mixed Reality, why is it relevant and has TV become it’s background medium of choice for larger numbers of media consumers who around the world are spending more time in online pursuits than glued to the content breaks in-between the advertising slots of commercial TV. How will TV survive in a world where social and gaming worlds are far more compelling?

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Video: Cinematic Game Renaissance - Game Now Leading Film?

by: Gary Hayes

Have we reached a tipping point - with many more user hours spent with games than films are they now more culturally relevant (as in our cultures are saturated with them)? With most films having ‘game-like’ story arcs and, at the last count, nearly 80 films about games in production I am starting to think so.

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Fictional Narrative Evolved (part 1)

by: Rick van der Wal

One of my key interests in virtual reality, or virtual environments is the way it is able to communicate an experience, linear immersive experiences (otherwise known as stories) in particular. We use stories for more than entertainment, stories hold tremendous value for social progress and preservation of culture (history), the industry (advertising), creativity and inspiration (fiction), expression and nearly any other field of human interest.

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