Serious Games: Fad or Future?

Serious Games challenging us to play a better future

I had already addressed Wouter Grove’s Master thesis on the topic of Serious Games in my prior post OnlineSerious Games Delphi Expert Panel

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What Will Advertising Look Like in 2020?

( Jerry Wind from Wharton asked me to answer this question. Here's what I came up with. I'd love to hear how you'd answer the question. Thanks.)

I believe that capitalism runs on the inefficiencies in any given market. These inefficiencies force evolution. They force change and innovation. Often rendering old business models irrelevant.

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The Future Isn't About Mobile; It's About Mobility

Originally posted on the Harvard Business Review

While the globe grapples with uncertain economic realities, "mobile" appears to be gold.

Facebook is expected to announce their uniquely targeted mobile advertising model before the end of the month. Amazon is talking to Chinese manufacturer Fox Conn with ambitions of building their own mobile device to serve as a complement to Amazon's considerable digital ecosystem of products and services.

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The Continued Economic Decline of the West - Ahhh

Many years ago I worked as a consultant for PA Consultants. A few years after I left and the company was in serious problems (the two are not connected) it employed a new CEO called Jon Moyniham. He pushed and pulled the company around it seems as if it has flourished. Park this fact for a moment.

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The Post-Advertising Future

For all the talk over the past few years about consumers no longer believing what brands tell them, the shift in content and control away from marketers, and the prevailing power of social interaction as the mechanism for disseminating and using information…isn’t it odd that the only way social technology platforms think they can reliably make money is through advertising?

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Two Thousand and Fourteen

The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

—William Gibson, quoted in The Economist, December 4, 2003

    The question we need to ask ourselves about the future is not if it will be digital, there seems to be a unison agreement that it will – the question is what digital means? There are two scenarios:

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    Successful Business Transformation Requires a New Logic To Handle Ambiguity and Change

    The future is scary and there are reasons for it. I have been giving a lot of keynotes lately to different professional organizations and senior executive roundtables and my keynote topic of strategic innovation and design thinking went beyond innovating to find growth and adapting to new economic, market, political and social order.

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    Measuring Our Way to Future Success

    Are our blinders keeping us from seeing new opportunities, and / or following our customers as they move on online? How are we measuring online activities, and is this limiting our perspective.

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    What Kind of Future?

    One of my favourite columnists John Naughton recently wrote an exceptional piece on the inadequacy of our national curriculum, and more specifically the part of the curriculum called ICT ('Information and Communication Technology'), in equipping our children for the challenges of the future.

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    Sam Rosen on the Future of Media

    * What are some of the different views of the value, role, and best approaches to paid, owned, and earned media?

    * Why are conversation and storytelling so important in today’s media?

    * How can companies use content to make people’s lives better?

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