Facebook and the Vegas-ization of the Internet

What happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas - soon it will be all over the Internet. The 24/7 casino mentality that you only used to find along the Vegas Strip is coming to a social network near you. Within the UK, Facebook is already hard at work, making sure that online gambling will become a staple of your online social networking experience, alongside other virtual time sinks like FarmVille. Instead of spending your virtual cash on FarmVille farm animals, why not drop some real cash on Bingo Friendzy and meet some new friends within Facebook's new online Bingo Hall?

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Mike Fox on Marketing at Facebook

What are some of the latest developments in Facebook marketing? How is Facebook changing the nature of brand-building?

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Facebook Shares Its Carbon Footprint

Facebook today revealed for the first time information about its carbon footprint, citing the "power of openness." The data, covering the energy use for its data centers and global offices, reflects both the company's efforts to reduce energy use and increase renewable energy consumption, as well as the challenges it faces to steadily improve those efforts.

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Beyond Pinterest and Instagram – Ten Visual Social Networks That Should Be On Your Radar

I’ve written a lot recently about the growth of the visual web – how the big social media success stories of 2011/2012 were visual, and how imagery is becoming more important online.

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5 Takeaways from the AllFacebook Conference

by: Jason Miller

Last week I attended the AllFacebook Conference here in San Francisco. Two gloriously informative days of nothing but thought leaders talking about the latest trends and best practices in the world of Facebook marketing. Incredibly insightful sessions and presentations from the likes of Dennis Yu, Marty Weintraub, Robert Scoble, and Brian Carter just to name a few.

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Facebook Still Dominant in Numbers but Pinterest Gains in Referral Traffic

I’m fortunate enough that the tools of my job happen to be things I personally enjoy.  Instagram has become my main network of choice, I check twitter first and last thing every day (and several times in between) and recently I’ve even (finally) come to appreciate Google+.

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What Facebook Knows

"This is the first time the world has seen this scale and quality of data about human communication" Cameron Marlow, Facebook

Social Networks are of-course giant data gathering machines, and Facebook is the bucket-wheel excavator of data. I wonder if we're even coming close to imagining the potential of how it all might be applied.

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Both Facebook Fans and Friends of Fans Spend More Money With Retailers

The other day I posted a piece questioning the value of a like, given that 1.17 trillion are given a year.

Now Comscore and Facebook itself (so hardly a disinterested party) have produced a report looking at what value your Facebook fans have.

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Do 1.17 Trillion Likes Devalue It As a Social Currency?

The other week I was questioned about why it matters if someone likes your brand in Facebook.

At the time I replied that there is value in a like.  By liking you in some small way define yourself with the brand in question, and that’s powerful.

In retrospect, I think my reasoning was correct but my overall answer was not.

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How Much Is My “Like” Worth?

I received an email a few weeks ago from Travelocity, a service I use rather infrequently to book hotels, and it offered me a $25 coupon if I’d “like” the company’s Facebook page. It got me thinking about what it would get in return:


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