The Rise of Talent Networks

There's a question that's been nagging at me for a while. An itch that needed scratching if you like. So I wrote a piece for Marketing Week about it. And they've kindly allowed me to reproduce it in full here. Input is, as always, valued:

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Social Media and #Spooks: Should Fictional TV Characters Use Twitter?

If you are not in the UK you may not know of the TV series Spooks. It is popular and award-winning BBC drama series following the work of a group of MI5 spies. It has just returned for its 9th season and many people are tuning in every Monday to see the adventures of Lucas North, Sir Harry Pearce and others. And, each Monday Twitter is flooded with discussions as people watch the show – the hashtag #Spooks usually trending globally during each episode.

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3D Commercials, Different Dynamics

3D entertainment has finally gone mainstream. Although three dimensional movies have existed for decades, they were largely gimmicky and had significant viewing problems. Now, James Cameron’s Avatar brought 3D to the big screen in a way that amazed audiences and convinced studio execs that the world was ready for 3D movies.

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The Last Time

With Blockbuster's deft PR manipulation of the Wall Street Journal to write about its "remake" on the same morning it announced the continued collapse of its business yesterday, I also feel compelled to write about the company. This will be the last time I do so.

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Just How Innovative Is 3D Entertainment Technology?

Over the past 30 days or so, there has been a sudden explosion of interest surrounding 3D entertainment technology -- driven in no small part by the phenomenal success of James Cameron's Avatar. (Apparently, more than 70% of Avatar ticket sales are from 3D or IMAX screenings.)

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Design Unplugged Podcast 02: What Is Entertainment Design?

Just for this week only, we bring you our next podcast hot on the heels of our first. In this discussion Feng and I chatted about Entertainment Design and how much more work is required when you are designing a world rather than a product. Watch out for the key take away of this podcast, where we talk about designers needing to be sensitive to visual cues so that their creations are believable.

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Strip Mining Cartoons

Disney's announced acquisition of Marvel Comics delivers 5,000 cartoon characters that can provide fodder for movies, books, games, plush toys, and amusement park rides. I'm not sure what this says about the future of the entertainment industry, or that what it says is particularly encouraging.

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What Jay Leno Can Teach the Fortune 500 about Innovation

In almost two weeks, comedian Jay Leno will be making his debut on a live comedy show to air at 10 pm. Not content to rest on his laurels, Jay Leno has been in intensive preparatiosn for his new show on NBC - running four miles a day, testing jokes at stand-up comedy venues and getting to the studio as early as 8 am - nearly one hour before anyone else - to tweak the design of his new set. Reflecting on a recent feature of Jay Leno in the Wall Street Journal, it's clear that there's a lot that Mr. Leno can teach the Fortune 500 about innovation:

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The Architecture of Un-blink

Over at BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh points to an interesting study that estimates that we may be missing as much as 15 minutes of a 150-minute movie through the very act of blinking. What's even more interesting however, is the discovery that most movie-watchers tend to blink in unison - at non-critical moments of plot or action.

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Memo to Blockbuster's Agency

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

To: Bob Chimbel, DDB Entertainment
cc: All Innovative Ad Execs Throughout the Cosmos

Congratulations on winning the Blockbuster account, and on using it as the prompt to pull together all of your far-flung entertainment-related units into a single shop-within-Omnicom in Dallas.  

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