What Kind of Future?

One of my favourite columnists John Naughton recently wrote an exceptional piece on the inadequacy of our national curriculum, and more specifically the part of the curriculum called ICT ('Information and Communication Technology'), in equipping our children for the challenges of the future.

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The Birth of the Digital Toddler

The current generation of toddlers is embracing digital technology at an astounding pace. According to a recent survey from BlogHer/Parenting, nearly 25% of toddlers will have used a smartphone by age 2. Not only that, nearly one-third of toddlers will have used a laptop or digital camera by the time they enter pre-school.

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Sunday Sermon

I saw Sir Ken Robinson talk about this in person a couple of years ago and it was one of the best talks I've ever been to. Sir Ken believes that everyone is born with tremendous capacities, yet somehow we often lose touch with what we're capable of and spend much of our time far away from the place where our talent meets our personal passion:

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Do You Know the Difference between Design Engineering and Engineering Design?

Went to the Made in Brunel opening last week, Made in Brunel showcases creations from within Brunel University’s School of Engineering and Design.


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How Can We Help Miguel?

[Written for DML Central. More comments there.]

One of the hardest parts of doing fieldwork is hearing difficult, nuanced stories that break my heart. The more complicated the story, the harder it is to tell, but I feel a responsibility to at least try.

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Where in the World Are They Teaching Design Thinking?

Over the past 12 months, the whole notion of "design thinking" has come into vogue. Not only are there entire books devoted to "design thinking" - like Tim Brown's Change By Design or Roger Martin's The Design of Business - there are also a proliferating number of educational institutions that are combining business thinking with design thinking to create next-generation "D-Schools".

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Can You Teach MBAs to Be More Creative? Or Can Creativity Be Taught at All? I Think So. Same for Making Good Cupcakes.

The picture above is the Valentine's Day cupcakes Sarah Yoon (an IC designer) designed and produced, limited edition and no photoshop. Yum. I am happy to discover that many of our folks have talents outside their work and formal training. One guy makes bowtie and another one makes coasters. I think it is important that people should possess an artistic craft outside Adobe CS5 and Power Point.

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Angry Birds: 2010 Best Serious Game Award!

Guest Post by: Josselin Perrus

A frequent issue with serious games (games not designed with the sole intent of entertaining) is their failing at being fun. Angry Birds, that one wouldn’t think of as a serious game, successfully meets both challenges of being engaging and educational.

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Predictions to Rock the Education World: Tablets as Serious Games

John W. Moravec (1), has recently posted his Five Predictions For 2011 That Will Rock The Education World to his Education Futures blog (find also my prior post iPad & Serious Games To Revolutionize The Way Students Access Core Curriculum).


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Corporations Should Create a New Role: 'Chief Social Engineer' Accountable for the Company Second or Third Bottom Line

Very crazy weeks with 8 key projects in critical phases and we're excited on every one of them. MIT Global Challenge is one of my favorite since day one as it is a great idea to bring the brightest minds of MIT alumni to solve the world's wicked problems. There is no shortage of wicked problems, while we try to solve one, new ones are being created.

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