Nine Words Nearly Double Results

A few years after college, I took a position as a sales engineer. After one customer visit with no result, my boss queried, “Did you ask for the order?” In fact, just about every sales coaching book reminds new salespeople of the importance of asking for the order when the time is right. Similarly, solicitors for non-profits know how important it is to ask for the donation rather than simply providing the opportunity for the donor to do the right thing.

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Lend a Hand

A viral video focused on a woman's boobs jiggling as she walks through a crowd around a pool has been making headlines, not because it's crude or exploitative, but rather because it's crude and exploitative for a good cause.


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Donations that Regress against the Mean

In his agony economist column for FT, Tim Harford last week tackles a question about how to lure donation money from contributors.

The conundrum faced by the questioner was whether to suggest predefined contribution amounts and risk losing larger donations or not to prompt any amount at all and risk losing micro-contributions from a large majority.

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