Why Crowdsourcing Works

Crowdsourcing is a method of solving problems through the distributed contributions of multiple people. It’s used to address tough problems that happen everyday. Ideas for new opportunities. Ways to solve problems. Uncovering an existing approach that addresses your need.

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Diversity Is the Short Cut to Building an Innovative Culture. It Is Pretty Simple.

Sometimes I wonder how much progress we’ve actually made over the last 50 years. In Saudi Arabia, women are still not allowed to drive, along with many other things. Today, a group of Saudi women have taken to the streets in their cars on a day of collective protest against the ban on female drivers. I am sure they will be getting threats of all kinds and if we’re talking about human rights let's start with this. There were about 17,000 people who signed a petition calling for women to be allowed to drive.

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Riding the Wave of Diversity report from Symphony IRI

According to the 2012 Baby Boomers: Riding the Wave of Diversity report from Symphony IRI by developing marketing strategies that are aligned with shopper needs, retailers and manufacturers can create shopping experiences that will win shopper spending and ongoing loyalty.

That kind of sounds like common sense to me. 

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Whose Voice Do You Hear? Gender Issues and Success

Growing up, I loved to debate. With anyone. My debating tone used to drive my mother batty because she thought I was yelling at her. Exasperated, I would often bark back that I was simply debating. Over the years, I realized that my debating tone is one of such confidence that people believe me to be stating facts, not opinions. My mother interpreted it as yelling; my classmates interpreted it as arrogance. I also began to realize that it was the same tone as that of my male peers. I never apologized for my opinions, never deflated them with "I may be wrong but I think..." I asserted. Confidently. And loudly.

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