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Facebook Still Dominant in Numbers but Pinterest Gains in Referral Traffic

I’m fortunate enough that the tools of my job happen to be things I personally enjoy.  Instagram has become my main network of choice, I check twitter first and last thing every day (and several times in between) and recently I’ve even (finally) come to appreciate Google+.

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Is TV being ignored? The evidence

The other day The Guardian ran an interesting piece about US Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s digital campaign. Romney’s digital director, Zac Moffat, justified the campaign’s investment in digital by talking about consumers who are ‘off the grid.’

By this he meant the third of Americans who no longer watch live TV, except sports, and so are largely immune to TV advertising.

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Both Facebook Fans and Friends of Fans Spend More Money With Retailers

The other day I posted a piece questioning the value of a like, given that 1.17 trillion are given a year.

Now Comscore and Facebook itself (so hardly a disinterested party) have produced a report looking at what value your Facebook fans have.

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Social Media Shares Indicate a High Google Ranking

When explaining the importance of combining a social media and an SEO strategy, I tend to refer back to a Comscore study that is now three years old:  Consumers exposed to both social media and paid search are 2.8x more likely to search for that brand’s products than those exposed to paid search alone.

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Do 1.17 Trillion Likes Devalue It As a Social Currency?

The other week I was questioned about why it matters if someone likes your brand in Facebook.

At the time I replied that there is value in a like.  By liking you in some small way define yourself with the brand in question, and that’s powerful.

In retrospect, I think my reasoning was correct but my overall answer was not.

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A Multi-Platform Social Media Strategy Increases Facebook Engagement by 50%+

An occasional hurdle you face in social media marketing is the ‘Facebook only’ approach.

Depending on their level of social media knowledge and their need to show the big number internally, you’ll sometimes get a directive from a marketer to focus on Facebook at the expense of other networks.   After all, surely 900 million users can’t be wrong.

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The Importance of the ‘Visual Web’ – Some Stats

Recently, Read Write Web’s Richard McManus penned a series of articles around ‘The Visual Web’, “meaning that images and video are becoming an increasingly important part of what we consume online.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Speaking personally, Instagram started replacing Twitter as my social network of choice about a year ago.    More to the point, there is now a wealth of statistics to underpin what Richard is talking about.  This is specially when you consider that many of the biggest social media stories of the past year – Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and now the likes of Socialcam – are visual.

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Stats That Show Why You Need a Mobile First Approach Now

The other week someone asked me what an agency such as Rabbit (where I work) should be focusing on going forward.

My reply, was previously organisations have been talking about a digital first approach.   In other words, concentrate on online channels and content 1st, which then filters into the offline world.   However now the priority has to be mobile first,  you cater in the 1st instance for people who may be consuming your content via their smartphones.

Sounds obvious enough, but some recent stats demonstrate the need to move from theory to practice:

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How Technology Has Changed Childhood – Ten Stats

Over the past eighteen months Internet security company AVG (disclosure – Rabbit client) has been carrying out research to see how technology has changed childhood, beyond recognition from someone who grew up twenty or thirty years ago.

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