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Big Data, Trust and ‘You as The Product’

If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product. Most people know this. The basis of the business model is that your personal data is mined and shared with all kinds of companies that can use this data for their benefit. Mostly this data is used to sell advertising space or intelligence to improve advertising efficiency.

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Unsubscribe Me You Bully: 4 Common Email Marketing Mistakes that Lead to Unsubscribes

by: Ravali Ravulapati

When I get unwanted and unsolicited emails from someone I don’t know, the first thing I do is look for the unsubscribe link. Yet, I’m still struggling with the fact that often when I’ve asked to be “unsubscribed,” an email somehow manages to sneak through to my inbox. This is when I start to doubt myself, “wait a minute, I thought I unsubscribed last time, but maybe I didn’t?”

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Watch out Estee Lauder

by: Dick Stroud

An e-mail newsletter from egenerations (a Web site I must look around one of these days) popped into my inbox containing a long column of banner ads. One of these was for Ageless skin care. The packaging looked a bit like a Dove product (that is my excuse) so I clicked to the landing site and found a little masterpiece in “off the web” selling.

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Personalization: Post-Its and Beyond

by: Roger Dooley

Have you ever received a printed invitation to, say, a charity fundraiser, and found that someone you know on the organizing committee had hand-written a short note encouraging you to attend? (Or sat in a room with other people actually scribbling such notes, periodically asking questions like, “Who knows Elmer and Dolly Pennington?”) It turns out that this activity has some good research underpinnings, and may point the way to boost success rates in a variety of marketing endeavors.

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Lead Generation via Mathematical Marketing: Thought Leadership with Mark Klein

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Can We Fix Marketing? Most Best Practices Are in Fact Worst Practices.

by: Idris Mootee

On average I receive 2 calls a night if I am lucky enough to be having dinner at home and not traveling; these calls are properly timed so they know I will be having candlelight dinner with my family and that’s exactly the time for interruption.

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