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A Customer Service Nightmare: Resolving Trademark and Personal Reputation in a Limited Name Space

Yesterday, I threw a public hissy fit when I found out that Tumblr’s customer service had acted on a trademark request from a company called Zephoria who had written them to ask that they release my account to them. (Tumblr has since apologized and given me my identity back.) In some ways, I feel really badly for Tumblr – and all other small social media companies – because brokering these issues is not easy.
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Is Personal Data the Next Killer App for the Web?

We are living in an unprecedented era in which personal data about our digital identity, our online activity, our financial dealings, our geo-location and even our Social Graph – is widely available across the Web. If you think about the amount of data that you create on a daily basis – and the amount that can be tracked and recorded – the figure is truly staggering.

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Nothing Comes between Me and My Computer

Forget the mouse and keyboard, and even the swipe, pinch and touch - the next generation of human-computer interactions will be the gesture, the body movement and even thoughts from the human brain.

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Color Commentary: The End of the Friend

Whoever said there’s not much new on the Web should have been around last week for the much-ballyhooed launch of Color – celebrated as one of the most exciting Web concepts to appear this year. If it lives up to its initial promise, Color represents a fundamentally new type of mobile social network that, in many ways, is almost the polar opposite of Facebook. 
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A Wider Digital Perspective (Part 3: New Business Models)

How does digital communication affect business outside marketing?

In this three-part article I will try to explain the changes I’m seeing in the convergence of emerging digital communication, branding and business.

    Read part 1 here.

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    Geek Revenue: The Cultural Industries in the Age of Digital Piracy on Vimeo

    Video essay by Simon Lindgren of Umea University (Sweden) - includes a Skype interview with me.


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    40% of All Tweets Are Now Composed on Mobile Devices

    Guest Post by: George Cathcart

    The way we consume information is fundamentally shifting towards an ‘always-on’ world where our mobile phones are the first port of call for access to the web.

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    Books without Borders: The Digital Infinite Library

    It almost goes without saying that the recent demise of bookseller Borders, which is in the process of liquidating more than 200 of its superstores around the nation, was inevitable. The rise of digital book culture has made many of the traditional trappings of a physical bookstore presence obsolete.
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    The Real "Internet of Things"

    Every time I encounter the term "The Internet of Things", I feel a tinge of disappointment which arises from knowing what it means but concurrently hoping it meant something else. Something that is inherently implied in its name, at least to the uninitiated.

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    Making Sense of the Retro-Digital Movement

    We're experiencing a retro-digital (or is post-digital?) movement in the tech world: just today, I read about a gaming company (Discovery Bay Games) that has figured out to convert your bright, shiny Apple iPad into the type of tabletop board game that you played decades ago.


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