Opportunity Design - a New Perspective on Customer-Centred Innovation

The following problems continue to plague innovators:

  • New product failure rates run at 75%-85%
  • New business start-ups are even higher at 92% failure rate
  • There is a high degree of iteration in ideas and business plans needed to succeed with the right formula
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Don’t Redesign Your Elevator!

Do you have a website redesign planned? If so, there might be a lesson in my first experience with a Schindler ID System elevator control installation.

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Wearables That Promise To Make Us Smarter. What's Next?

Do you wonder how we measure brain activity? Our brains communicate through the cell sending tiny electric signals to each other and the more signals the more electricity it will produce. An EEG can measure the pattern of this electrical activity. There are some who believe that if we stimulate certain part of the brain (pre-frontal cortex) will improve certain functions. For years, there had been experiments of stimulating the brain using small electric currents and see if it can make us thinker better or smarter.
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A Guide to Experience Maps

Adaptive Path has designed a nice little mini-site to share and showcase their guide to Experience Mapping. Very generous of them and too good not to share with you.

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2 Approaches to Design and 4 Rules of Understanding Humans

I get this all the time.  Whenever we talk about Design Thinking’s user-centered approach to finding opportunities and understanding your customer better, someone always reminds me that one of the worlds most successful company (in my humble opinion), Apple, does not do market or user research.

Similarly, Scott Anthony writes:

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Hackers and Casuals

Pats linked to this fascinating piece from Ajay Kulkarni at GroupMe talking about the challenges of designing for different audiences within the Android user base. Android, he says, is the 'Platypus of the mobile world...a complicated beast, a bizarre combination of two very different animals'.

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Packaging - a design nightmare

Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of appearing on Radio New Zealand. Having spoken on a number of radio stations I must say I was really impressed with the professionalism of the station in its pre and post show organisation.

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The true colour of brands and true nature of infographics (1)

Thanks to my favourite stumble upon gimmick for finding new content and subjects, I discovered this

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20 Technology Trends for 2013

Frog Design has graciously shared their 20 technology trends for 2013, which includes the usual suspects such as mainstreaming of 3D printing and the further humanising of technology. No big surprises, but still a good read anyway. Enjoy!

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How Do We Design for the Everywhere?

How do we design for the everyware? How do we design without screens, visual cues, without interruption or having the opportunity to demand exclusive attention?

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