If I Had My Own Business

The marketing pundits tell us personalization and customization is key to successful marketing. One-to-one marketing, they call it. Recognition that every customer is different, and should be interacted with differently.

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Five Contextual Marketing Design Principles

Last August I wrote that Marketing needed to develop five key-capabilities to drive the Consumer’s Decision Journey. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend you do. Although this post can stand on itself, it may help you to see the bigger picture. A picture that looks at contextual marketing through a Service Dominant Logic lense.

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Marketing in Times of Singularity

About a month ago I was asked to supply an article for the Ukrainian «Business» magazine. In a short essay I had to reflect on the obscure topics of the Future of Marketing. Would there be brands in 2031? What instruments CMO’s would have at that time? And aren’t we all supposed to be dead in December 2012 how different will the consumer be? This is when I realized that I haven’t written anything like this for a while. The future that I was predicting in Top Ten Trends in Marketing Innovation was about to happen now. However, 2031 was still a longer shot, so I gathered that I can let my imagination fly free.

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Is It Enough to Personalize Products to Be Different vs. Competition? M&M's, BMW, Louis Vuitton, H&M, Nike

Guest post by Frédéric Baffou

“The end of this afternoon is warmful and sunny. I am cruising with my new BMW on the sea side. I can enjoy the multiple options that I have configured to get the car built according to my needs. It is now 5.00 pm on my beautiful Quai de l’Ile watch from Vacheron Constantin. I played the role of a watchmaker as I could choose from 400 different possibilities directly on a touch screen.

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