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Customer Engagement or Customer Entrapment?

Just before the pandemic hit, I was invited to speak – and to moderate a fireside chat – at a major global event. Sadly, the event was canceled, but I had spent a bit of time with the event organizer and the panelists, wading through topics and questions for the fireside chat. One of the questions I was going to ask the panelists was something along the lines of:

In order to truly engage with customers, brands need to build trust. What are brands doing to build that trust? Consider each of the following scenarios.”

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Do Customers Really Want to Be in Control?

I originally wrote today’s post for Forbes. It appeared on Forbes on March 5, 2019.

“Customers are connected.” “Customers are more-informed than ever.” “Customers trust each other more than brands.” “Customers have the power.” “Customers are in control.”

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Customer Relationships and Moments That Matter

Are you challenged at developing lasting relationships with your customers?

I was recently sent a copy of KPMG Nunwood's report titled B2B Customer Experience: Winning the Moments That Matter. The report is filled with some great nuggets, but I latched on to the phases of relationship connection and moments that matter.

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Build Emotional Connections to Your Customers!

By Anja Thielsen Valentino, Loyalty Group
More than half of all customer's buying decisions are based on emotions on a conscious as well as a subconscious level. How can companies meet these emotions and ensure strong emotional Customer Relations?
Emotional connections to the customers are key to develop loyal customers and company ambassadors. Today, most commercial companies are not in doubt about the significant value of loyal customers!
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Checklist: Are you a VoC Champion?

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be involved with some of the largest - and smallest - Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Net Promoter(tm) programmes. I’ve had the privilege of being part of some great successes, but have also worked on initiatives to rectify some epic fails.   Each experience gave valuable insights in what works and what definitely doesn’t.
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Why Are Companies Not Responding to Customer Complaints in Social Media?

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

Though there are several opportunities for using social media as a customer service channel, but while customers are using social media to lodge complaints, the majority of them are not receiving an acknowledgement or response from the service or product provider they are complaining about/to.

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The Graph Is Nice, but What Are You Hearing?

I’ve been working with a client company and looking deeply into their customer calls to find patterns around why people call, how CSRs handle calls, and what issues customers are having with the company’s products and services.

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Customer Relationship Metamorphosis

This piece by Eddie Yoon of The Cambridge Group over on the Harvard Business blog makes an interesting point. In any product category, roughly 10% of the consumers account for more than 50% of the profits. The principle that, with any product or service, there is a core of customers or users that interact more, contribute more, consume and buy more, is not new news.

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Best Buy in the House Pt. 2

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Yesterday, I wrote about how I didn't necessarily understand (or believe) Best Buy's plans to expand significantly its private label technology products business, and its hopes that incorporating customer feedback would let it make simple improvements that the big name brands might miss.

I think there's a far bigger, far more radical, and much more likely sustainable opportunity for the company to pursue:


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Best Buy's Dire Prophecy

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