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The Conceptual Failure of Business Software and Why Nobody Bothers

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Fix My Face. Really.

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Clarins Group, a French cosmetics brand, is rolling out spas in upscale department stores across the U.S., in an effort to provide facials as a catalyst for selling its products.

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Less Can Be More: Preparing for the Recovery in Uncertain Times

by: Chris Lawer

Faced with tough decisions that can make or break their company’s future, it is little wonder that innovation managers are seriously fretting over their product portfolios, go-kill decisions, new projects, resource allocations and go-to-market timescales.

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Innovation and Customer Pain Points

by: Dominic Basulto

With all the gloom and doom surrounding the economy these days, it seems like the consumer-facing companies that are going to do well during an economic downturn are those that actively address customer "pain points." Over the past two weeks, both and FedEx have shown that they are attuned to customer needs with new moves designed to alleviate two big customer pain points.

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Customer Loyalty is Real-Time

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I put "customer loyalty" in the same category of happy myths as those of creation science, voter intelligence, and brand equity.

Most loyalty programs are just another form of sales incentive. Call them what you want, but point or mileage accrual engenders little more trust or conviction than an annual holiday bonus check. Repeat customers as likely to be trapped by habit or circumstance as by any sense of commitment. 

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Better OS & Better Search

by: Joanthan Salem Baskin

I had an epiphany when I was in New York last week and Google announced its G1 phone:

Google is the new Microsoft.

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Listening to Customers (More on Understanding Your Market)

by: Sigurd Rinde

A customer initiated conversation:

"I've got a problem!"
"What's the problem? Can we help?"
"My advisors are too slow, I need some sort of program that pesters them after a week of non-response!"

In a nutshell, the kind of close-to-the-customer market research that we're supposed to do. Asking the customer directly "what do you need?", and then go home and make it.

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Why Reckitt Get It and What We Can Learn

by: Matt Rhodes

An article in this week’s Economist reports on how for the last eight years Reckitt Benckiser, a household products maker, has bucked the trend both in its own industry (with average year-on-year sales growth of 7% when others’ sales are declining or stagnant) and on the stock market (its share price rising by 356% when the FTSE has dipped by 13%).

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Can We Crowdsource Great Designs?

by: Design Translator

I stumbled over an interview conducted in 1957 between Mike Wallace and Frank Lloyd Wright where he discussed his thoughts on the common man and designing for the common man.

Wallace: What do you think of the average man in the United States who has little use for your ideas in architecture, in politics, in religion?

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Are You Jumping on the Ethnographic Bandwagon?

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