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Are Your Customers Emotionally Unavailable?

Are you customers emotional about your brand? your products?

... or are they emotionally unavailable?

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Age Friendly Banking Has Some Way To Go Before It Becomes a Reality

Well done Age UK for it efforts to promote age friendly banking.

A term they define as: "services, products and facilities that remain accessible and easy-to-use as people age, assist caregivers and prevent financial exploitation."

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Save Your Job!


Your job is being threatened! And it’s not cheap labor or outsourcing that poses the greatest threat. No, the greatest threat is that your job will simply disappear because a company from outside your industry transforms the market by helping your customers get their job(s) done in a radically new and better way.

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Beware. Those Creating Your Digital CX Are a Different Species from Those Using It.

As usual, some excellent insights from the Nielsen Norman Group. This time it is about young Millennials (18-25).

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Customer Journey Mapping Is Great as Long as You Really Understand the Needs of the Customer

Knowledge@Wharton and Dell Digital Business Services have got together to publish an excellent analysis showing the importance of customer journey mapping,

This is a summary of the thinking and this is the detailed report.

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Do Loyalty Programs and Cards Create True Customer Loyalty?

Guest Post by: Paul Aas, Loyalty Group 

As a loyalty professional, potential clients often tell me that "we're in control of our Customers and their Loyalty; - we have a program for that!" They couldn't be more off!

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I Need a Problem To Solve with My Omni-Channel Customer Experience Strategy

A couple of times a year I guest-lecture for several Masters in Marketing/Customer Management programs in The Netherlands. Almost every time students approach me with a question regarding their master-thesis or other assignment. 

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What Really Annoys Customers About 'Customer Service Pain Points'?

You will need to click on the image to read. Whilst this research was carried out in the US but I would think applies equally to the UK.

You would think that if these things are so b****y obvious that companies would be doing all they can to sort the problems.

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5 Reasons Your Customer Experience Efforts Fail

Improving the Customer’s Experience is not easy. If your lucky it’s a “two step forward, one step back”-experience. But I know many Customer Experience professionals who get frustrated by the constant struggle to move the needle. They sense that they are seen as a nuisance standing in the way of managers and directors trying to meet their objectives.

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CX Journey™ Musings: Do You Know Your Customers' Backstories?

Every customer has a backstory. Do you listen for it?

Let's start with defining the term first, as I often do. What is a backstory?

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