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Leaders Must Do More Than Inspire—We Must Shape Networks

In a classic Harvard Business Review article, Abraham Zaleznick contrasted two very different styles of authority. Managers, he argued, take a rational approach and seek order and control. Leaders, on the other hand, are more emotionally driven and seek to drive change.

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How To Advance Your Own Movement

Great brands don’t follow – they lead. That’s why they tend to ignore existing trends and advance their own cultural movements instead.

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How To Transform Your Brand Into a Movement

Digital technology has changed marketing to such an extent that most brands still struggle to adapt. What once was a massive land war in which the biggest army had a distinct advantage, has become more like a guerrilla insurgency. To win now, you have to own the villages.

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Connect Internal Culture to External Cultural Movements

From What Great Brands Do: By connecting internal culture to broader cultural movements, great brands create futures in which they thrive and grow.

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Could Anonymous Hack the Presidential Election?

The freewheeling, rabble-rousing Internet hacktivist collective known as Anonymous thus far has played little or no role in determining the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election. With the exception of partnering with the Occupy Movement in an attempt to mobilize voters and hold politicians accountable, Anonymous has been strangely absent from the political scene for the past six months. (For now, campaign managers have relied on, ahem, elected officials rather than Anonymous to supply the schoolboy dirty tricks.)

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Why Movements Are Like Marriage

Companies spend hundreds of millions creating brand heat and product lust. They are highly protective of their reputation and brand, so isn’t it remarkable to think that just 140 characters can make or break it?

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Co-optedalism - Cashing in on the Anti-Consumerist Movement

What is the power of a movement today?

What kind of impact can movement marketing really have?

How does a movement protect itself as it evolves and more and more people join the ranks around the planet? OWS is a good yardstick to find answers to these questions. Most interestingly the latter.

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Tobacco 'Truth' Adverts Spark Smoking-hot Debate

We are all truth seekers. Authenticity rules today more than ever before. I recently wrote an article for Harvard Business Review about how brands can spark engagement and empowerment in their customers by telling the world what they’re against, rather than what they’re for (you can read it here).

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Cultural Movement Success

Movement marketing has proved it isn’t just a passing fad. It’s become a necessity. Shouting at customers, through traditional advertising and marketing routes such as TV, radio and magazines, just doesn’t work.

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Who Cares What YOU Think?

There have been about 100 truly original products that have been launched in the last 10 years. The rest of them have been variations of the same. Tons of them. We’re in danger of product overload.

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