If 2 Minds Are Better than One Then How about 2 Thousand?

by: Lynette Webb

This was the title of an article I stumbled across, a review of a book about AI and the way minds work. I can't vouch for the book yet, although I've just ordered it... (I have SO many books piled up now, it's getting ridiculous!)... But something about this phrase just really grabbed me.

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Creative Crowdsourcing Sites

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Pitch Samsung your R&D Ideas

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The Economist and Project Red Stripe

by: Dominic Basulto

The Economist has caught the innovation bug -- as part of Project Red Stripe, a team of Economist staff members are assembling some of the best ideas from around the Web in order to generate innovative new ideas for the magazine:

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Does Social Media Participation Affect What You Do?

By: David Armano

I keep thinking about the "blogging killing planning" discussion. 

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Crowdsourcing Your Wishes

by: Karl Long

The simplest way to describe the Robin Hood Fund is it’s kind of like Digg for wishes. You post a wish, and estimate how much it would cost to fulfill your wish, post it, and let the community vote on it and even contribute money toward the wish fund.

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Crowdsourcing and financing music: Sellaband

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