Inspired Insanity

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

A movie theater chain in San Antonio, Texas, caused a terrorism scare with promotional campaign for The Dark Knight that was a true bit of inspired insanity.

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The Death of Creative Director. The Birth of the Multi-Disciplinary Design Thinker.

by: Idris Mootee

What do we know about creativity? We mistakenly narrowly associate creativity with film director, musician or an egotistic advertising creative director. The very idea of a creative director is so 70’s. It may be still relevant in the field of performance art as it is more about personal style, but in the world of marketing and design, it is an irrelevant role. I’ve seen many account planners who are more creative than the “creative directors” although they don't wear that hat.

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Creativity, Competition and Strategy

by: Sigurd Rinde

Good quotes often come from unexpected sources. Yesterday one of my sons came home with a sheet setting out the teaching philosophy of his drum instructor, in which I found the following gem about the importance of passion:

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Dear Nick, I DO Love Creatives ...

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'Innovator's Guide to Growth': Readable, Productive Prescriptions for Disruptive Innovation

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Humanity Slowly Returns to Creativity - 64% of Teenagers Engage in Content Creation

by: Gary Hayes

Well a bit of a pompous title perhaps, fueled by a report just published by Pew Internet (one of my fav research groups) who reminded me of something a few of us have been bleating on about for a while - that the last 200 years of media distribution have been an anomaly.

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The Art of Selling

by: Design Translator

One of my first bosses taught me an important lesson.

Good designers are a dime a dozen, he said. Coming up with a great design solution is the easy part. The hard part, he said, is getting the client to accept the solution.

“But if the work is good, don’t the clients know it when they see it?” I asked.

My boss just looked at me silently for a long time. And then, with gentleness and no small amount of pity, he reached out and patted me on the head: Poor kid.

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'The Wall is the Desk of the Future'

by: Alexander Osterwalder

Last Friday I ran a workshop on business model innovation with the management of one of the 5 regions of a top Swiss bank. In the break-out session the bankers split into groups and were supposed to work on huge posters to sketch-out the business model of an innovative bank. That is when I realized how uncommon it still is for executives to think visually and use the wall/poster as a visual thinking aid.

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7 Ways of Unleashing your Creativity

by: Design Translator

No matter how good a designer we are, they are times when we face mental blocks that disrupt our design thinking. So in times like these, how can we then boost our creative juices? Here’s another exciting post by our resident contributor py, helping me fill in while I’m off beating my head on some other issues!

Here are some tips inspired by the best, on how we can unleash the creativity from inside us:

1. Setting up your dedicated workspace

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Must We Give away Digital Creative Works?

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