The Whys and Wherefores of Creativity and Sharing: Review of Making Is Connecting

One of the beauties of David Gauntlett's Making is Connecting is the way it develops a fundamentally simple idea with successive layers of richness and power. The cover captures the kernel of the book: the core thesis that making (with hands and brain, resourcefully) is connecting (in terms of relationships, meaning, learning); the context that extends from scissors and thread to YouTube; and the ethos of the personal, handmade artefact captured in the stylish smudge that subverts the sleek sans-serif typeface.

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How We Think

Has thinking been given the back row seat on the issue of creative thinking?

Creativity has to do with originality; imagining something new. So why is it then that the way companies choose to structure their strategic and creative process stays the same for months or even years?

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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Entrepreneur

Have you noticed that something in the digital zeitgeist has changed the way we think about creativity and commerce? Artists are no longer just “artists” - they are now entrepreneurs, marketing gurus and branding experts, all rolled up into one. You can thank creative “crowdfunding” sites like Kickstarter and RocketHub for that.

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My Favorite Ads Worth Spreading at TED

It was an honor to be a judge for TED's first annual Ads Worth Spreading Intiative. This feels like a really important project. As we become more digitally connected what an ad is has changed. When I had a chance to look at all of the great entries I was most interested in ads that couldn't have been made before the explosion of digital connectivity.

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The Design Republic of China: What Happens When the New Export is an Aesthetic?

What will it take for the Western world to change its mind about what "Made in China" signifies? Unfortunately, for most people, those three words - "Made in China" - carry all kinds of unintended economic baggage: cheap, shoddily-made goods; the loss of tens of thousands U.S. jobs; inhuman factory conditions in urban sweatshops; and a giant export machine that is causing a massive trade deficit for the U.S.

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Can You Teach MBAs to Be More Creative? Or Can Creativity Be Taught at All? I Think So. Same for Making Good Cupcakes.

The picture above is the Valentine's Day cupcakes Sarah Yoon (an IC designer) designed and produced, limited edition and no photoshop. Yum. I am happy to discover that many of our folks have talents outside their work and formal training. One guy makes bowtie and another one makes coasters. I think it is important that people should possess an artistic craft outside Adobe CS5 and Power Point.

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there Is Not Enough Creativity in Strategy

In the Superbrothers article Less talk more rock featured on Boing Boing, the authors, both spawning from the gaming industry, suggests that a project should skip the first strategic phase and go directly for the creative process. The argument goes that there is, amongst a range of things, a spark at the initial creation of an idea that often gets killed as the process gets bogged down for months in enervating strategy and research.

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4 Vital Tips for Surviving an Industry Where Good Design Is Abundant

Good design and designers everywhere, just browse the Internet and you will see.

From the comfort of your laptop you can consume the hottest cars, furniture, digital cameras, laptops or mobile phones etc. Sure there are some great designs, but the rest of the majority are getting pretty good. Moreover where there is good design, there are also good designers.

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What Makes a Great Tagline

All the hubbub surrounding Chevrolet’s new tagline, “Runs Deep,” is a bit puzzling to me.

In my mind, a tagline is like any other creative expression. And evaluation of any creativity is highly subjective.

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Don't Waste This Crisis. It Is the Best Time for a 'Reset'. Sometimes It Takes a Life Shake up To Put Us Back on the Paths We Need To Be On.

There were tours visiting our office last week, people were curious about what we do and what kind of people we hire. It is an interesting question. I guess our job is to help large companies go through mid-life crisis.


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