3D Forms, Most Beautiful and Most Wonderful

If there’s one trend that’s poised to take off and enter the mainstream in 2012, it’s 3D printing. Sometimes referred to as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is the process of taking computer-generated designs and building them up in the real world, layer by layer, using materials such as plastic or powdered metal, via printers the size of a desktop. In the same way that you might print out a paper document, you can now print out a beautifully-designed piece of jewelry, a dress, an industrial part, a door hinge -- almost anything you can imagine -- even a Stradivarius violin.

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Is My Work Beautiful because I'm Beautiful?

by: Design Translator

Heh-heh this has been doing the rounds in the boutique design blogs. Great watch and very funny as it’s all about “Why good design comes from hot designers”. NOT! But hey it’s eye candy all the way. Gosh I’m so shallow.

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The power of 'weak ties'

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Ultra Violent Design

by: Sebastian Campion

Last November, the Swedish designer Samir Alj Fält organized the interactive design project Ultravåldsdesign (~ ultraviolent design), in which he examined the relation between creation and destruction.

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