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Is Yours a Culture of Employee Ownership?

I'm continuing to tackle the need for organizations to focus on employees and the employee experience because, as you know by now, they are critical to the organization's ability to deliver a memorable customer experience and, ultimately, to the success of the company. Today, I'm blogging about employee ownership. What does employee ownership mean?

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Corporations Should Create a New Role: 'Chief Social Engineer' Accountable for the Company Second or Third Bottom Line

Very crazy weeks with 8 key projects in critical phases and we're excited on every one of them. MIT Global Challenge is one of my favorite since day one as it is a great idea to bring the brightest minds of MIT alumni to solve the world's wicked problems. There is no shortage of wicked problems, while we try to solve one, new ones are being created.

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What I Learned from Prahalad

Late last month the business world suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of C.K. Prahalad. Harvard Business Review is not exaggerating when it calls Prahalad, one of the world’s “wisest and most influential management thinkers.” I “discovered” Prahalad during my time at Sony, when my primary responsibilities transitioned from working on discrete projects and deliverables to transforming the organization, its culture, and its operations.

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The Myth of the “SuperCorp”

I had lunch with a friend and fellow consultant last week. I was mentioning some impressive recent reading on innovation that I thought his clients might be interested in. He said this:


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Copenhagen's Business (As Usual) Day

Friday was dubbed "Business Day" here in Copenhagen — a chance for the corporate community to come together to discuss their considerable role in addressing climate change.

Significantly, business has been all but shut out of the discussions taking place a few kilometers away at the Bella Center, the site of the official UN COP15 negotiations. There, governments from around the world are talking about a slew of critical issues surrounding the commitments the everyone hopes will emerge a week from today from the global community on climate mitigation and adaptation.

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Form Follows Assumption?

McDonald's is going to change its logo in Germany, casting its iconographic golden arches against a green background to envoke its respect for the environment. I can't decide if the idea is irrelevant or insane. Or both.

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There Is This Company

Here's something I've been thinking about for some time now.

You see, there is this company.

It publishes over a hundred RSS feeds and several email newsletters, but not a single blog.

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Social Media's Promise in 2010

(NOTE: This essay draws on a chapter in my new book, Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs, which identifies nine radical branding and marketing insights for innovative business leaders to watch in 2010).

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Bauhaus Is Not Just a Design Movement. What Business Can Learn from Bauhaus? How Can We Move from the Industrial Age - an Age of Exploitation to an Age of Regeneration?

I've been a Bauhaus follower for 30 years. I am still fascinated by some of work produced during that period. A Bauhaus Summer School workshop was hosted last month by Michael Zinganel who is a freelance architecture theorist, cultural historian, curator, and artist from Austria.

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Edward Tufte's on the Very Very Very Bad Design of Corporate Web Sites

Have been talking to a couple of very senior design practitioners this week and sharing my thoughts on the future of information design. Information design was never considered an important aspect in our societies or businesses. The digital revolution has changed our everyday lives with the constantly increasing volume of information in all shapes an forms. As new behaviors emerge as social technologies advancements in an unprecedented was resulting in the overall changing of our communication patterns and attitude towards privacy.

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