Shake Up Your Copy

by: Roger Dooley

In Surprising the Brain, I wrote about a copywriting technique that replaces an expected word with an unexpected one to grab the listener’s or reader’s attention:

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The Art of Smogging

by: Alain Thys

Which would you consider to be the minimum acceptable level of education for your customers? Primary? High-School? University? Post-Grad?

If you think this is a non-sensical question, think again. At SAP or Samsung it looks like you need at least a university degree before they want to talk to you. Microsoft, Disney (!?) and Starbucks even require a post-graduate.

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Lovely Little Film

by: Scott Goodson

Xavier my client sent me this lovely little film about the power of emotional advertising. A simple message re-written can make a difference. In my future, writers have a role!

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