The Problem With Financial Education (And Content Marketing)

A Wall Street Journal article titled Start Early to Raise Money-Savvy Kids states:

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The Problem With Data Journalism

Journalism has been thoroughly disrupted over the past decade. News organizations, especially newspapers, have come under heavy financial pressure, news bureaus have been closed or consolidated and journalists have had to rethink their profession.

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Popular Twitter Users Have Little Influence

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

The ultimate quest of anyone using social media to market their goods is to achieve “online influence” over the marketplace. But don’t confuse influence with popularity, especially on Twitter.

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iPad Ads a Game Changer?

While technology has not been kind to traditional advertisers, next week's launch of Apple's iPad offers an immense opportunity. Big brand names like FedEx and Chase have bought much of the ad inventory for the next few months. I wonder if they're going to make proper use of it.

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The Age of Wonder

I'm really enjoying reading The Age of Wonder, by Richard Holmes, and I think I've already discovered some relevance for marketers.

The book is about the "second" Industrial Revolution, which took place about the same time the English Romantics wrote their paeans to holistic knowledge and cosmic oneness. Holmes recounts explorer Joseph Banks' discoveries of island exotica, and astronomer William Herschel's musings on deep space and time, as enabling prompts and inspiration for those poetic musings.

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Context over Dogma

by: Sigurd Rinde

Context: "The circumstances that form the setting for any event, statement or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed."

Dogma: "An authoritative principle, belief or statement of opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true regardless of evidence, or without evidence to support it."

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Great Placement?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I know many communicators will claim that there's no such thing as bad publicity, but check out the logo on the medic's sweatshirt. 

Context matters, doesn't it?

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The 4 C's of Community

by: David Armano

From latest contribution to Ad Age Digital:

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A New Can of Soup

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

(note: this is part 5 in this week's 5-part series on the brandification of our lives)

Although Andy Warhol didn’t exhibit his first art show until 1962, I think we've been seeing art as brands since the late 19th Century...or perhaps forever.

If we define a brand as "the perceptual aggregation of qualities that constitute the experience of something," then the corollary fits perfectly. Nobody experiences art separate from the influences of context:

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The Challenge of Unconventional Marketing

On his Logic + Emotion blog, David Armano writes:

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