The Future of Computing is Tablets and More!

This awesome infographic (below), created by the team at Focus, predicts that Tablets (iPad et al.) will be the future of computing. According to the data, 14% of online shoppers intent to purchase an iPad in the next five months. This equates to 28 Million people planning to buy the iPad in the next 5 months. Even though people don’t often do what they say, if we even consider 10% of buyers following through, that is still a lot of iPads.

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Gesture-Based Computing

What makes something interesting? It's an intriguing question. According to research by Paul Silvia (Univ of North Carolina Dept of Psychology) it's a cluster of variables around novelty-complexity, combined with a cluster of comprehension variables. In simple language, in order to be interesting, something has to be both new and understandable.

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