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GetSatisfaction: the Controversy Cannot Hide the Facts

If you follow the news you know that GetSatisfaction was acquired by Sprinklr last week (link to press coverage).

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Essential Reading for Online Community Managers

A good friend of mine started a new job for the new year – working in social media for a UK charity. She asked me what reading I could recommend for somebody looking to learn more about online communities and how they can be launched and grown. There are a whole range of great books out there on how social media is used and the impact this is having on society (anything by Gladwell or Shirky would be a great starting point), but she was interested specifically in things that help managing and growing communities online.

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Building the Business Case for Online Communities

Guest Post by: Helen Trim

I’m at the Communities 2.0 conference in San Francisco this week. It’s such a beautiful and diverse city and sadly not enough time to explore (sigh).

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Questions about Questions

by: David Armano

There are no wrong questions, but you may night be asking the "right" ones. The right questions lead to a deeper understanding and will help you find what you're looking for. Here's 2 questions I get asked often.

1. What software do you use to create your visuals?
2. What widget did you use to raise money for Daniela?

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Anonymous Reviews Headed for Extinction

by: Roger Dooley

Fast Company has a good article on the growing use of user-generated content to provide guidance on restaurants, hotels, and just about everything else. The article focuses on the challenges faced by various review sites in balancing freedom of expression against the need to curtail bogus reviews generated by competitors or the firm itself:

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Do Branded Online Communities Fail?

by: Matt Rhodes

Today a lot of people are talking and writing about a new report from Deloitte looking at online communities, the 2008 Tribalization of Business Survey. The report is based on interviews with 100 firms that are sponsoring branded online communities, looks at what they are doing and what benefits they are reaping.

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How Trent Reznor Nails It

by: Nancy Baym

Along with Radiohead (though in fact far beyond them), Trent Reznor is often held up as one of the heroes of new media music promotion. This raises the usual litany of questions: Could this work for a new band without a huge following? Is this unique to him? Is this THE FUTURE? Blah blah blah?

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Building Swarms of True Fans

by: David Jennings

I wrote last year about Swarmteams cross-platform messaging service, and its application for coordinating networks of fans. Swarmteams is running a pilot project for the music industry this year, supported by NESTA, and going under the name of SwarmTribes®.

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Drinking and Driving: the Blogs

by: Mark Rogers

Two new UK business blogs launched this week, one for Honda and one for Guinness. The context of course is about building brand, but the two blogs are very different in style and content.

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Consumers Are the New Brand Managers

by: Mark Rogers

Internet World took place in London this week. Jonny Rosemont of Weber Shandwick has posted a nice summary of the key lessons. Here is part of it:

“Digitising is changing the world but it shouldn’t change communications strategies i.e. it is still all about giving people what they want.

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