Sound and Vision

Lovely little film for Soundcloud and a lovely little story from VC Fred Wilson about how founder Alex Ljung pitched him for funding several times before he was successful:

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Age Friendly Communications from an Unusual Source

The Canadians seem to be taking this Age Friendly stuff very seriously. Good on them. 

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Storytelling and TV Advertising (No Story, No Glory)

When I was cleaning out my hard-drive earlier this week, I came across this presentation I did last April at the VTM Day (where I had the honour of sharing the stage with my hero Luc Besson :-)

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More than 140 Characters

Twitter is expanding its staff and its efforts to communicate with the world, and in doing so is turning to a lot of the tried-and-true structures and approaches that its 140-character service helped destroy. The changes beg a few questions, most notably why?


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John Smith Left His Post due to Differences of Opinion over Long Term Strategy

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

Depending on how much press we read, we can come across  headlines that follow this pattern on a weakly basis:

XYZ has left his post after only x months due to differences of opinion on the strategy of the organization.

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The Plainspeak Manifesto

I couldn't figure it out for the life of me. The email from the Illinois Teachers Union went on and on about changes to the health insurance program but didn't explicitly explain what they meant, or what teachers should do about it.

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Manuscript: Outside – The Future Is Not in front of Us

The following text is the manuscript for the condensed version of my presentation Outside – the future is not in front of us. Which I held at the Scholz & Friends digital camp in Berlin.

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Glowing Reviews

The news coming out of Japan couldn't be worse for the American nuclear industry. Manufacturers, suppliers, and electric utilities must be cringing with every headline, as the information includes science, statistics, and security...all subjects that your average consumer is fairly incapable of understanding (and certainly not via short blasts of news).

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Work Is Communication

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

Work relies on, no, consists of two things: 

  • brains and hands 
  • communication
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There Is Texting for Business, Texting for Emergency, Texting for Health, Texting for Love and Texting for Seduction. We Have Yet to Understand the Effects of Excessive Texting Impacting Our Communications and Relationships.

San Francisco weather is perfect this week, yes unusual for late Sept. Exhausted but a lot of things get done. Will be spending a lot of time here.

I realize I am texting more these days as it is faster and easier. Texting is one of our everyday activities, for the younger generation, it is the primary method to stay connected with friends. I have seen a couple texting each other even when they are in the same house. And some text while they drive, eat and even in an intimate situation. Imagine that?

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