Why CIOs Are Smarter Than CMOs

If I wanted to know how well-managed and successful your company was, I would only need the (honest) answers to three questions:

1) How tolerant of IT risk is your company?
2) How committed is the executive team to using IT as a strategic enabler/differentiator?
3) How well-aligned and coordinated is IT with other business functions?

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What (Some, if Not Most) CMOs Don’t See

Two things to start:

  1. I have no qualms with CMOs and their responsibilities – it is a critical job in most organizations and hard to do as any other one.
  2. I was not going to caveat the title and say ALL CMOs, but am trying to avoid being singled out as ignorant (yeah, new thing for me – I know)
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Is customer experience and the voice of the customer the CMO’s salvation?

The Economist Intelligence Unit has recently published a report titled ‘Outside looking in: The CMO struggles to get in sync with the C-suite’, sponsored by SAS.  This report has showed up as rather interesting for me and I want to share with you that which has caught my interest.

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Communication – Turning a Media and Content Tool into a Business Instrument

In order to become a more central component of business strategy the vernacular, thinking and application of communication needs to mature – from a content and media tool to a more versatile business instrument.

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A Niche in Our Own Industry

Does technology affect people – or just our access to them? This has been a popular question, which has defined much of the discussion concerning the digitization of communication for the last ten years. Unfortunately it is slightly irrelevant. And more importantly – and critically – it has managed to distract us from seeing the other important changes we are facing.

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IBM Survey: 68% of Global CMOs ‘Underprepared’ To Manage Social Media

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

According to IBM‘s new, inaugural Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Study, 68% of CMOs are underprepared to manage the impact of key changes in the marketing arena that relate to social media.

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15 Years

I just re-read The Economist's "Future Tense: The Global CMO" survey from late last year.  And I'm not encouraged that there's even a future for the job description.

The report reflected results from a survey of 250+ senior marketing execs around the world, so it's far more of a snapshot of the present than an insight into what the future might reveal. normally studies countries and other substantive subjects; this report was sponsored by Google, which has an obvious interest in what CMOs think they're supposed to be doing.

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Any CMO Health Check Can Uncover the Following: Chronic Social Media Phobia and Brand Equity Ulcer

by: Idris Mootee

The challenges faced by the CMO and senior marketing execs today speak to many of the fundamental strategic as well as structural problems underlying marketing organizations and the external environment. The proliferation and fragmentation of media as well as the as the over-branding of everything is causing the jobs of many CMOs.

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8 Ways that Real CMO's Cut Their Budget

by: Alain Thys

I always say that if you gotta' do something, you gotta' do it right. And when it comes to cutting marketing budgets, that rule applies as well. Real CMO's know the question is not to decide how much red ink should be used. They see their challenge in cutting wisely. Reducing marketing spend while keeping sales intact. Ensuring customer loyalty when there's less funds to please the customer. Building the brand when there's no cash to do it.

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How CMOs Should Function in a Recession

by: Scott Goodson

Wise words from Harvard Business Professor John Quelch on the Harvard Business Blog:

He reports some good news for CMOs. They are staying in their jobs longer. But two points stand out for me in his article.

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