Out with the Old

Did you notice the lack of inane viral videos of the "Elf Yourself" variety this past holiday season? That video -- in which you can insert your face into a cartoon of a dancing elf and then email it to your friends and enemies alike (see above) -- proved years ago that it could get consumers' attention and spawned lots of knock-offs. My expectation would be that we'd get flooded with them last month.

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The Night after Christmas

Well, another year has all but come and gone and, sadly, so have many dreams of selling stuff at full price. So it's a good time to reprise a holiday favorite here at The Bulb, with apologies to the anonymous authors who penned it in the mid-19th century (and invented the modern idea of Santa Claus in doing so).

Also, you can listen to this post as a podcast:

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NORAD Track Santa

When I was a kid, we used to gather around the radio and listen to the shortwave broadcasts of the Santa tracking by NORAD. Since Sydney was 5, we have been going online to track Santa and watch the videos of him flying around the world. Once he enters US airspace, it's off to bed so he can deliver all of her presents...and I think that this year, Sydney will be pretty happy with what Santa brings!

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