A lot of people have got pretty excited about the prospects around so-called 'Social TV'. Perhaps for good reason since a whole succession of studies have shown the increasing prevalence of 'media stacking' including the most recent YouGov survey which found that 76% of the UK viewers it spoke to surf the web on their laptops, mobiles or tablets whilst simultaneously 'watching' TV.

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Fan Culture and Public Service: Media versus Broadcasting

by: David Jennings

All through last week the smart people at BBC Radio Labs published a series of research summaries under the heading "fan cultures in radio".

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Brand As Facilitator

by: David Armano

Brand As Broadcaster
In this dynamic world of "social media" that we're all gushing over, it's healthy to remind ourselves that most brands are still acting as "broadcasters"—dishing out content, information, products and services to people.

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